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Updated 2021-05-23

Mandarin Chinese

Cards: 20215 (9998 nouns, 2217 adjectives, 8000 verbs)



  • Simplified Chinese characters
  • pinyin for almost all words that shows/hides with a button
  • Pronunciation by native speakers for ~60% of words
  • Definitions in English
  • Link that quickly searches the word in Pleco (Note: I don’t have an Android device, so I’m unsure this works there.)


Word list source unknown (definitions were included). Audio from Forvo.


This deck’s word list was clearly sourced from a corpus of court proceedings, film production, and theatrical productions, which is strange. There are words that were common in the source text but may not be as common in everyday life. Despite that I’ve found the deck to be quite useful and I haven’t felt that it’s diminished my acquisition of the language. Sometimes I just skip/exclude cards that seem too esoteric.